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Loved Ones at Home

Living at home...made LESS difficult

The dynamics associated with aging, the loss of mobility, and caregiving are complex and involved.

Seniors living with reduced mobility experience an overwhelming sense of being a burden or a nuisance to their spouse, children or caregiver. Often times these once proud individuals will be seen sitting or eating in awkward places, for no reason other than they did not want to inconvenience anyone any more than absolutely necessary. “That’s good enough!”, “Please you do not have to fuss over me”, and “I didn’t expect mealtimes would be so challenging” are comments frequently overheard.

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The Challenge at Mealtime

Asking for assistance only to be shuffled around in a chair draws attention to themselves in a manner that they would rather avoid. So, in silence cherished members of our family feel isolated, alone and dare I say even “ashamed” of their current lot in life!

Spouses, children, and caregivers too endure a sense of helplessness as often there is nothing that can be done to improve the situation for an aging loved one! Caregivers lack the physical strength to adjust/move a seated person to a place of greater comfort or enjoyment! Without some mechanical means, even the most cherished of bonding times like a family meal, an afternoon coffee or working together on a Christmas puzzle cannot be enjoyed as a complete family as there is no easy way to get everyone up to the table.

Unfortunately many of today’s furniture design do not make it easy for family / caregivers to provide mealtime assistance. Often family / caregivers are forced to exert significant effort simply to get a seated person up-to the table.

At ComforTek, we believe chairs designed for seniors and caregivers need to swivelturn….roll…and brake for safety!

Chairs that swivel and lock eliminate table interference as the seat of the chair is swiveled 90 degrees away from the table. This allows full access to the seat of the chair for the person being seated. Once they are comfortably in the chair, they can release the swivel lock and rotate themselves towards the table.

Additionally, chairs that roll and brake can be moved even further away from the table, providing increased clearance, should a second caregiver be required when transferring a person into the seat of the chair. Once seated, they can be rotated back towards the table, and the caregiver effortlessly glides them into position at the table before securing the brakes.

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