Living @ Home...made LESS difficult

Parkinson's Alzheimer's

Does this look / feel familiar?

When providing care at home mealtimes are more enjoyable and less stressful when dining chairs Swivel...Turn...Roll...and Brake for safety!

Why Dining Chairs FAIL Seniors

Why dining chairs fail today’s seniors, caregivers, and persons with reduced mobility.


Chairs that Swivel...Turn...Roll eliminate Push - Pull - Shove - Twist

This chair Swivels...

locks for safety

This chair Swivels...Locks...Rolls...

brakes for safety

This chair Turns...Rolls...

brakes for safety

Chairs that Swivel...Turn...Roll eliminate interference with the table

1. Swivels...and Locks for safety
2. Swivels...Locks...Rolls...and brakes for safety
3. Turns...Rolls...and brakes for safety
4. Turns...Rolls...and Always Locked for safety


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Meet Rebecca

I purchased this for my father who walks with aid from a rollator and has a lot of mobility issues, especially getting up/down. We needed a solid, strong and usable chair for his dressing area that he could easily sit and stand from. The higher seat (about 21-22 inches from the floor) allows for an easier sit from standing position. The chair is comfortable, and the swivel lever is easy to use to help turn from side to side to get things without leaning dangerously. The arms are nice and sturdy. This is perfect for him. It will really help to minimize falls in his bedroom. Thank you for making such a product!

Meet Donna

This chair has allowed my dad’s caregiver to move him to and from his kitchen table with ease. My dad can control the swivel action of the seat by himself which gives him some freedom and independence. The chair has a great height and makes transferring from standing to sitting etc. so much easier. The chair is solid, and I don’t have to worry about my dad flipping it as he tries to stand up. Gives me more peace of mind to know I am helping to make my dad’s senior years safer.



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Chairs designed to

  • Eliminate the physical demands (push-pull-shove-twist) when moving a seated person up-to the table.
  • Reduce mealtime stress and anxiety for both the seated person and the caregiver.
  • create a more enjoyable mealtime routine
  • increase a senior's sense of dignity and self-worth