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See the Chair Caddie in Action!

Retrofit Your Chair...into a Chair that Rolls

Love your dining room set but want a safer dining experience? Turn your favorite chair into one that rolls with lockable casters. The chair caddie, designed for caregivers, ensures quick and easy positioning. Reducing caregiver injury and preventing falls. Allowing families to return to the heart of the home with dignity...without a complete redesign and discard of existing chairs.

Whether for eating or engaging in conversations, the dining table is always active. By making a small change in seating, you can improve safety, better manage daily and nightly routines, and lessen the strain on caregivers.

Prevents loved ones from falling

Reduces caregivers incurring an injury

Create an enjoyable mealtime routine

Loved ones feel a sense of dignity and self-worth

Prevents Accidents, Injuries & Falls

Reduces Caregiver Fatigue & Stress

Make it Easy to Gather Around the Table

Brings a Sense of Normalcy to the Dining Experience

…The greatest appreciation for this furniture will be evident in the lives of cherished loved ones as they will experience an increased sense of dignity and self-worth!