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Bariatrics and Home Seating

Restoring comfort and safety in the home

Current Problems

Persons with a body mass index of 30% or greater have limited mobility and, as a result, are unsteady on their feet. Entering and exiting a chair can be problematic as the shifting of weight can cause the chair to shift or tip suddenly.

Persons requiring use of bariatric chairs have limited options from which to select. Recognizing the need for some mobility, customers are given little choice but to select from series of standard 5-star-based office/task chairs. Unfortunately, these chairs are notorious for turning and rolling away unexpectedly. While these chairs include the convenience of a height-adjustable seat, the single-stem gas piston frequently leaks and typically fails within months of being put into service. Customers are resigned to using a defective chair for extended periods as replacement parts are sought.

A Better Way

ComforTek has designed a bariatric chair that turns, rolls, and brakes for safety. These innovative design features provide a workable, everyday solution to the shortcomings mentioned above.

It locks – A side-mounted lever fully accessible by the seated person enables the front wheels of the chair to be locked.

It’s stable – The inline, cantilevered design supports an extra-wide wheel base providing superior stability.

It’s durable – With a 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a lifetime warranty on the solid-steel frame, ComforTek’s bariatric chair is designed to last.

It’s safe – Fitted with anti-tip glides on the bottom of the front legs, this chair is essentially tip-free.

Chairs recommended for people with bariatrics needs: