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941 Armed CC4 (Video #4A)

Turns...Rolls (Plus Size)
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941 Armed CC4 (Video #4A)

Turns...Rolls (Plus Size)
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Bariatric Office / Dining Chair with Mobility Assist Caddie

Caddie allows for easy movement and turning of chair. Once in place, step on the foot brake to keep the chair stationary.

  • The risk of personal injury to the caregiver/spouse as a result of pushing/shoving someone to the table is significantly reduced.
  • Ideal for in-home care and institutional facilities, as it enhances the quality of life for persons with Alzheimer, Dementia, Parkinson, or for seniors with reduced mobility.
  • Prevents damage to furniture/flooring as chairs are rolled forward (not pushed or shoved). 


  • Armed bariatric office chair 
  • 3" locking, medically rated casters 
  • Metal frame, 24" and 30" wide seat (between the arms)
  • 3" cold cured foam cushion 
  • Antimicrobial vinyl seat/back (for easy cleaning) 
  • Rated for 600 lbs 
  • Made in the USA  

Warranty: 25 years on frame,15 years on foam, 5 years on vinyl & casters
Dimensions: 24": 28" W x 24" D x 34.5" H   30": 34" W x 24" D x 34.5" H
Seat Width: 24": 24"; 30": 30"
Seat Depth: 17.5"
Seat Height: 18"
Arm Height: 25.5"
Weight: 24": 51 lbs   30": 62 lbs

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