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Chair Caddie



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Chair Caddie Benefits
The "Chair Caddie CCB" is designed to custom size to most existing chairs. It consists of four platform surfaces onto which the legs of a chairs are attached.

When retrofitting existing chairs in your home with lockable casters, struggles moving towards and away from the table disappear. Chairs with lockable casters reduce the physical effort required for a spouse or caregiver to assist someone to the table.

  • Eliminates the need for pushing-pulling-shoving the seated person to the table.

  • The person being seated has full access to the chair when it is moved towards them ensuring ease of entry and exit.

  • The Chair Caddie reinforces the strength of the chair (extending the life of the chair as a result).

As a result:

  • Safety is enhanced as caregivers can now bring the chair to the seated person removing tripping hazards and ensuring safety for both the caregiver and seated person.

  • Established mealtimes routines and table activities become easier to maintain, which in turn supports better sleep routines.

  • Influences better posture and less spills during mealtimes.

  • Caregivers can now help the seated person increase their food and water intake as they are positioned properly at the table.

  • Keeps caregivers and the seated person safe from accidents, injury, and falls.

T2-ARMED-22-CC4 (rear mounted brake release) With this chair, the rotating rear casters enable the chair to be moved away from the table - towards the person requiring assistance.

Mealtimes are EASIER, SAFER and more ENJOYABLE as the seated person experiences an increased sense of dignity and self worth.

Product Description

"My wife and I are both Senior Citizens provide care for our adult son. He requires assistance away-from a table. This was a back breaking job at the best of times.  Since we have had our chair retrofitted with the Caddie it has made our life 100% simpler and physically much easier when dealing with his seizures. We are very satisfied (especially our backs) with the caddie"
Bill C.  Florida

The "Chair Caddie CCA" is designed to custom size to most existing chairs. It consists of four platform surfaces onto which the legs of a chairs are attached.

  • The low profile design of the Caddie raises the chair less than ¾” from the floor.

  • The entire Caddie fits inside the footprint of the chair eliminating any tripping hazard.

  • 2 fixed front casters (3” diameter) and 2 lockable rear casters (2” diameter) providing plenty of surface area for use on most floor surfaces.

The Chair Caddie CCA 

Fits: Chairs 14”-23” wide (front of chair)
Front Casters: In-line
Rear Casters: Swivel, Lockable
Dimensions: 14 5/8" x 19 1/4"
Dimensions (fully extended): 22 3/8" x 24 5/16"
Weight: 25 lbs.

Photo Gallery

Examples of kitchen / dining chairs to which Chair Caddies have been attached:

Chair Caddie for Hospitality

Chair Caddie for Hospitality

The chair/CADDIE provides a safe and reliable means for restaurant staff to assist guests (seniors) get seated up-to the table. When attached to the base of an existing dining chairs, the chair/CADDIE eliminates the need for staff to push/pull/shove/twist when assisting a guest get seated at the table. The caddie fits neatly underneath a chair and does not pose a tripping hazard to staff and guests.

Guests readily engage in table conversation when they are seated and not just “propped” on a walker/rollator.

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