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Preventing Falls in the Dining Room

A Fall Changes Everything for Everyone

Granddaughter soothing her mother after receiving the call of a fall accident

A proactive approach to preventing falls at mealtimes can save you and your family tens of thousands of dollars. A fall can not only cost a family up to $30,000 in healthcare bills but it can also change the dynamics of a family. Now our loved ones are in need of constant care. They now require a caregiver. Often times that means a family member who has the flexibility of becoming a caregiver. Or a family has to hire one. A fall changes everything for everyone, not just our loved one.

We know that specialized seating can not only help prevent a fall in the dining room but can help caregivers stay safe. Specialized seating can help by eliminating pushing, pulling and lifting on a daily basis. Creating an easier and more dignified seating experience at mealtimes.

Mealtimes are an important aspect of our daily lives. It not only nourishes our body, but it creates our most cherished memories of bonding with our loved ones. Mealtimes nourish on bodies, mind, and soul! Why creating a safe dining experience is top-of-mind for ComforTek Seating. It is important to us to eliminate the physical demands of the caregiver, while providing seniors and people with mobility issues, the ease at mealtimes. We can do this by navigating people out of the trip zone and eliminating table interference.

The trip zone, is an area found at dining tables. It is compromised of 13 touch-points that include the leg of the table, legs of the chairs, and the legs of the caregiver and seniors. It is a dangerous area that often leads to a fall. 

Incorporating the simple approach of changing your daily chair to a chair that swivels, rolls, and brakes or retrofitting existing chairs can reduce the risk of elderly falls in drastic ways. Bring your family back to the dinner table with ease. 

A Chair that Swivels

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Chairs that Swivel allows for the seat the auto-lock at 90° (in either direction). The person being seated has full access to the seat of the chair eliminating any interference with the table. The arms of the chair can be used for stability/support as they are prevented from moving unexpectantly. When exiting the table, the seated person rises from the chair and walks directly away. 

A Chair that Rolls

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Chairs that Rolls utilize an undercarriage that enables the entire chair to roll. A caregiver moves the chair into position, as the person standing behind them invites them to be seated. Once seated, the caregiver moves the seated person back to the table. When exiting the table, the seated person is rolled away from the table, and they simply rise from the chair and walks directly away. 

Retrofitting Existing Chairs 

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Retrofitting your dining chair into a safer chair that rolls for the elderly. The Chair Caddie enables a spouse/caregiver to assist a seated person up-to the table with safety, ease and dignity! Simply ask the person to stand safely, away from the table. Bring the chair behind the seated person so it is aligned to the back of their feet. Ask the person to be seated. Safely roll the person up to the table. Lock the wheels so person remains seated safely and in place during mealtimes.  

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