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Memory Care

Alzheimer’s Furniture

Reducing Stress and Anxiety by Creating an Enjoyable Mealtime Routine.

When a patient loses the cognitive skill required to “scoot” a chair forward, caregiver assistance will be required. What is typically a simple task, “scooting a chair towards the table”, now requires the coordinated effort from one or more caregivers. Not only is this physically demanding for caregivers, it also serves to isolate patients as they feel they have become a burden and a nuisance to their caregivers and families.

Alzheimer’s patients function better within an environment that supports a calming and structured routine. Alzheimer’s patients become unsettled or agitated when approached from behind or when the element of surprise catches them unawares. Yet, using standard dining chairs, the very task of moving an Alzheimer’s patient up-to or away-from a dining table demands the caregiver to do both (approach them from behind and surprise them with pushes/shoves), resulting in physical and mental duress for the patient as well as for the caregiver.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if both caregiver and patient were treated to a chair that is specifi cally designed to alleviate the stress and anxiety of mealtime? It is within your reach. The Titan Swivel chair recreates the nuance of normality with the pinnacle of modern design.

“Is it possible that Titan Swivel chair could be instrumental in creating an enjoyable stress-free mealtime routine?”

At ComforTek we believe that it can! The SWIVEL, ROLL and LOCK features of the Titan Swivel Chair empower caregivers to move a seated person up-to and away-from the table with ease and grace, while alleviating the possibility of physical/mental fatigue for both caregiver and Alzheimer’s patients.