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What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Products: Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we discussed a couple of our different products, as well as what real customers have had to say about their experience with them. Because we have a large number of products, we have chosen one product from each product category to discuss in depth, and we will continue to do so today.

In part one of this blog series, we discussed our “do it yourself” mobility collection, featuring our mobility assist lever kit, our armless collection, and our armed chair collection. If you would like to learn more about those products, click here.

Today, we will be discussing a few of our more complex mobility equipment and homecare chairs, as well as what our customers have to say about them.  

The Titan Swivel REZ - 22” SH18” (V-1) (Caregiver Assist Swivel Chair Collection)

The Titan Swivel REZ - 22” SH18” (V-1) is arguably one of the most complex homecare chairs that we offer here at HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek. Why is this chair in the “caregiver assistance” collection? Well, to put it simply, this homecare chair is a valuable tool that can help lessen the risk for caregiver injury or strain in multiple situations. What sets this mobility assist chair apart from the rest is its ability to swivel, while also featuring the mobility assist lever that comes standard on all of our mobile chairs. The value in the swivel function is that you can now sit your loved one while they are not facing the table, then easily swing them around and lock them in position so that they are facing the table. In fact, our mobility dining chairs are such a valuable asset that even professional care facilities love them. See what a staff member has said about our product below!

Kim L. (RN, BSN, MN, GNC) - “These chairs are a dream come true for residential care both from the residents view and staff.” (5-Star Review)

“These chairs are a dream come true for residential care both from the residents' view and staff. The chairs we have a leaver that allows us to turn the chair seat sideways for ease of sitting, plus the chair has an easy glide pedal posteriorly to allow us to move residents up close to the table with no strain on the resident or staff.

The chairs are heavy, sturdy, well padded and easy to wash allowing for all resident and staff needs to be met.

We have family that visits and quickly learn how to move the chair allowing them to part of the care of their loved ones. We even had a husband who lived at our facility that quickly learned how to seat his wife, glide her forward then himself. This enabled him to care for his wife, be safe and ensure she was comfortable at the dining room table.

These tables and chairs are amazing while very aesthetic to look at. They meet the safety needs of residents and staff while supporting a positive workplace environment.”

First and foremost, we apologize for featuring such a lengthy testimonial, but we felt that it was best for you to hear it straight from the mouth of a professional. Our chairs are designed for homecare, hence our company name — but in order to create a high-quality chair for homecare, it has to be worthy of being used in a professional care facility. Thank you, Kim, for such high praise! We are happy that our mobility assist chair has helped at your facility!

The Titan Swivel - 22” - SH18” (V-2) (Independent Living Collection)

The Titan Swivel - 22” - SH18” (V-2) is very similar to the swivel homecare chair that we just spoke of above, but differs in the sense that a caregiver is not required in order for it to function. Our other chairs with a twisting function are swivel dining room chairs with casters, meaning they were built with the intent to have a caregiver move the user towards the table once they have been seated. The Titan Swivel - 22” - SH18” (V-2), on the other hand, does not feature casters or glides, and instead sits on a stable base that is not meant to be moved. By including the swivel function, someone suffering from early forms of dementia can actually seat themselves. Pivoting their chair towards the table once they have been seated. In fact, take a look at one of the positive things that one of our past customers has to say about the Titan Swivel - 22” - SH18” (V-2).

Kathleen W. - “It is such a great help to my mother.” (5-Star Review)

“After countless hours of searching for a swivel chair, with arms, and no wheels, that wasn't an office or patio/lawn chair, I found this [the Titan Swivel - 22” - SH18” (V-2)]. It is such a great help to my mother, who has Parkinson's. She can now safely sit, and turn herself toward the table, without trying to maneuver and stumble around her walker. The arms help stabilize her when she stands. The swivel function and wheels lock for stability and safety. Worth the $ [money]. And the best part is that it came fully assembled!! Am already thinking of ordering another.”

Thank you for your positive review, Kathleen. We are happy that our mobility equipment has allowed your mother to sit down safely and independently, for longer. If you do need another homecare chair you know where to find us!

The Titan Castered - 24” -SH18” (V-7) (Plus-Sized Bariatric Collection)

The HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek Plus-Sized Bariatric chairs with wheels are designed to safely, and comfortably support people with conditions ranging from forms of dementia to severe arthritis. We manufacture bariatric chairs with wheels, as well as bariatric chairs that are stationary because each person might need a bariatric chair for a different use. One of the most common uses for our bariatric chairs with wheels is for them to be used as a mobility assistance chair for the caregiver, or as an office chair for someone with limited mobility. See what one of our past customers has to say about their Titan Castered - 24” -SH18” (V-7).

Verra M. - “God's blessing.” (5-Star Review)

“I just received my 24" 5" caster[ed] bariatric office chair. I’ve gone thru seven to nine office chairs in the last 10 years, and the last one I fell off [of] and hurt my right shoulder. I sat down on my new ComforTek chair and it felt strong, supportive, soft, and had a comfy seat. the wheels rolled across my tile with no noise, and I felt safe for once… I have severe osteoarthritis, as well as a torn and frayed meniscus and ACL. I can't say enough about this chair, so as the days go by I'll probably add more to my review. At first, I felt it [the chair] was too pricey, but considering this is the last chair I’ll ever have to buy it’s probably a good deal. P.S. I am very overweight, and this saves me from so much pain. Thx [thanks] again, Verra.”

Verra, we are very happy to hear how well your experience with your new Titan Castered - 24” -SH18” (V-7) is going. We design our homecare chairs with just that in mind. We hope that you continue to have a wonderful experience with it.

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At HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek we manufacture homecare furniture that helps both caregivers, and their loved ones that they are providing care to. We hope that this two-part blog series has shed some light on some of the various benefits that our customers receive from purchasing our mobility assist chairs. We urge you to browse our extensive line of chairs today, as we were only able to discuss a select few of our mobility dining chairs today.

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