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What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Products: Part 1

If you have been tuning in to some of our past blogs, you might have noticed that we talk a lot about the versatility of our mobility assist chairs in providing care to a loved one that has been diagnosed with a disease like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, and Multiple sclerosis. While yes, we know the various benefits of our product, we also understand that doesn’t mean much to you as a potential buyer. Instead, what is important to you is the experience that past customers have had with our mobility equipment.

What better way for us to prove our product’s worth is there than to let you hear what others have said about our products? In today’s blog post we will be discussing one mobility product from each collection, its features, and what a past customer thinks about the product!

The Titan REZ - DIY (V-3) (Do It Yourself Mobility Collection)

One of the most popular of our products is the Titan REZ - DIY (V-3), an attachment kit that can be retrofitted to most common household chairs. We designed the Titan REZ - DIY (V-3) because we saw a need for people to be able to improve the mobility of their loved one in the kitchen and dining room areas to make mealtime more enjoyable. That being said, we also understand that sometimes people already have chairs that their loved ones are accustomed to that satisfy all of the necessary requirements other than mobility — and that is where the Titan REZ - DIY (V-3) comes in. Simply follow the instructions and attach the mobility assist lever to the base of the chair and then scoot your loved one to and from the table with ease. See what one of our customers has to say about their experience with The Titan REZ - DIY (V-3)  below!

Bruce M. - “Marvelous piece of equipment!” (5-Star Review)
“Recently I purchase a Mobility Assist kit. The kit is now installed on one of our dining room chairs that is usually used by my wife. It is a marvelous piece of equipment!

My wife who needs the use of it is happy as can be. She feels so much more a part of sitting at the table now than being the attention center trying to get her seated as before. Even our granddaughter can help her sit down now. We are all super delighted with this device.”

Thank you for your kind words, Bruce. We are extremely happy that our product has made mealtimes more enjoyable for your wife! At HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek, we understand the importance of family mealtimes, as well as how easy it can be for basic frustrations to make mealtimes less enjoyable. We are happy to hear that our homecare furniture kit could help!

The Titan REZ - 20” (V-4) (Armless Chairs Collection)

Here at HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek, we offer a number of different styles of chairs for one reason, and one reason only — every person has different needs. For some people, the need is to be able to freely sit without having to worry about hitting the armrests. The Titan REZ - 20” (V-4) is one of our most popular armless chairs. This mobility assist chair features a wide, antibacterial memory foam base and a mobility assist lever to ensure that you can seamlessly move your loved one towards the table. Additionally, like all of our mobility assist chairs, the Titan REZ - 20” (V-4) features non-marring floor glides and casters — so you can rest easy knowing that your hardwood floors are safe. Let's take a look at what one of our past customers have to say about the Titan REZ - 20” (V-4)!

Nic. - “Great product.” (5-Star Review)
“Just as described and makes our lives so much easier!”

Nic, thank you for your kind review. We are happy to hear that our homecare furniture has made your lives easier, as that was our intent in making them in the first place. Additionally, we are happy that the product accurately fits how we have described it, after all, we want the purchase of one of our products to be a well-informed decision made by a caregiver and their loved one. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

The Titan REZ - 20” (V-5) (Armed Chair Collection)

As we stated above, each person and their caregiver may have different requirements that mandate which of our products are right for them. That being said, what some people need is extra support. For patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other forms of dementia, it can be important for the person to feel support from behind them, as well as their sides — protecting them from fall risks associated with sitting at the table. Additionally, the Titan REZ - 20” (V-5) has all of the same features as its armless counterpart that we discussed above, making it an excellent addition to the kitchen and dining room areas. Let's see what a past customer has to say about their experience with the Titan REZ - 20” (V-5) mobility assistance chair.

Bri. - “Works as promised” (5-Star Review)
“We purchased the chair with the lever installed on it and the chair arrived as promised and it works as promised. My five-year son is able to move a more than 250-pound man up to a table and away from the table by pressing down the Lever with his foot. When the lever is not depressed the chair is very stationary and secure. For caregivers needing to provide assistance like this to loved ones, this seems to be a great solution. We would very much recommend this chair.”

Thank you for your kind review, Bri. One of the things that we are extremely proud of is our mobility equipments ability to lessen the physical strain on the caregiver. As a caregiver, you are just as much at risk of injury as your loved one that you are caring for. As your five-year-old son could attest to, our mobility levers do just that. We hope that our homecare chair continues to be an asset in your home!

Tune In To Our Next Blog Post As We Touch On A Few More Products

We hope that today’s blog has shed some light on some of the features of our mobility equipment and homecare chairs, as well as what customers that have purchased them think about our product. Generally, we get nothing but positive feedback from our customers, and we think that is enough to validate our claim that we sell the highest-quality homecare chairs in the business. Have questions about our mobility assist chairs? Contact us today to ask, or browse our store online.

Stay tuned next week as we discuss a few products from some of our other homecare chair collections!