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Choosing the Right Seating Senior Chair for Your Loved One

The journey of aging robs many seniors from living healthy independent lives. Challenges associated with aging prevent many from doing the simplest things in life. Reduced mobility makes day-to-day activities like scooting up the table difficult. “I didn’t expect mealtime to be so difficult", is a common thought among many seniors. 

Finding the right chair for your loved one can be a bit of a challenge for families.  Do we buy a chair based upon our loved one’s mobility limitations today?  What limitations will they experience tomorrow? In one month? In six months? In a year? Is a constant sourcing of other chairs with additional features necessary? What criteria should we focus on when selecting a chair, comfort? Mobility? Safety?

Let's remind ourselves that the level of our loved one’s mobility rarely improves.  True, the journey of aging can be slowed. In cases of rehab, we expect mobility improvements. The long-term outlook still has the vast majority of us defaulting to the cycle of aging. Where our loved one's are using mobility aids like a cane, then a walker. Leading to needing aid with mobility, and for some the use of a wheelchair or a Geri chair .

So how does one determine which is the best chair for my situation?

For whom are you buying the chair? 

For myself.

When buying for yourself it implies independence. A person recognizes the blessing of living independently, is careful not to fall or trip. This person is looking for a chair that enables them to be seated without fear of the chair moving away. Is looking for a chair with likely includes arms for support as one rises and is seated. And includes chairs with wheels, enabling him/herself to propel up-to and away-from the table.  The person retains the core physical strength to move the chair independently.

What's the best chair….take your pick…it does not matter!

Buying a chair for someone else, a spouse, a dad, a grandparent?

If people are purchasing a chair for a loved one. You are doing so because you have noticed that your loved one’s reduced mobility is negatively impacted. Impacting their ability to stay living where they currently are. 

They may not require assistance from a full-time caregivers. But assistance is required routinely for this person.  Maybe assistance is being provided by a spouse. But they cannot do that forever either because they to are a senior and at risk of injury should they fall.

The chair best suited for this situation is the T2 Swivel CC5.

We know this chair does not move around the room in a manner similar to other chairs. However, this chair does allow the loved one to demonstrate a level of independence. As they can be seated, disengage the lever and move themselves at the table.  On days when they can’t, a caring spouse or caregiver can easily assist without risking their own injury. 

As Interference from the table has been eliminated. There is reduced risk of anyone falling or tripping. Recognizing the decrease in mobility experienced overtime. This chair will be in use as long as the person resides at home.

See out how the T2 Swivel CC5 can be perfect for your loved one today.