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The Evolution of the Common Chair to a Chair that Prevents Falls

A Chair can be more than just a Chair...

Senior seating has evolved past the simplicity of the common chair. A chair is no longer just a chair but a mobility aid for seniors. Providing caregivers the ability to move seniors to the dining table with ease and care. Comfortek Seatings specialized seating not only brings the family together at mealtimes but it drastically reduces the risk of falling at the dining table. By moving people out of the “trip zone” a fall can be prevented. Keeping seniors safe from a fall is our objective. Reducing senior isolation at mealtimes, and bringing them back to the heart of the home is our mission. We provide kitchen chairs with wheels in the safest way possible. Redefining what aids for the elderly at home can be, and introducing tools for preventing falls in the elderly

Family gathering safely over the Holidays


Chairs that swivel, roll, lock, and brake reduce the risk of falls in the dining room and office settings, by navigating the trip zone. The trip zone is made up of the surrounding area around the dining table and its 13 touch points that include: 4 chair legs, 4 walker wheels, 2 feet of the person, 2 or more feet of the caregiver, and 1 table with its leg. When caregivers utilize an ordinary chair the risk of falling increases as people are more likely to bump into these 13 touch points. Utilizing a chair that is designed to remove caregivers and seniors away from the trip zone reduces bumping into furniture and caregivers. Seniors and people with mobility issues are seated at the dining table with ease and care. 

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