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Product Spotlight: Our Bariatric Seating Collection

When most people hear “HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek”, they think about the mobility equipment that we make for caregivers and their loved ones that are affected with cognitive disorders and mobility loss. While yes, our dementia, multiple sclerosis, and severe arthritis mobility seating are some of the most common products that we sell, we also make bariatric chairs for plus-sized individuals.

When most people think about mobility loss, they think of diseases and physical ailments as a result of a severe injury. While yes, these are some of the leading causes of mobility loss, but people often forget one of the most common reasons for mobility loss in the elderly — obesity.

Obesity is becoming extremely common in older individuals as a result of both genetic implications, as well as the sedentary lifestyle that most elderly people employ. As your trusted mobility assistance chair manufacturer, we thought it fit to dive deeper into the topic of mobility loss in obese elderly individuals, as well as how our mobility equipment can help.

How Does Obesity Affect The Elderly?

As we stated above, it is not uncommon for elderly people to become obese, but how does their obesity affect their health. Some of the more common side effects of obesity are hypertension, high ctholesterol, heart disease, and even cancers. While obesity is often thought of for its effects on the heart and other internal organ systems, it affects the physical structure of the body just as much — and maybe even more.

Obesity is defined as an unnatural amount of weight gain, with the body gaining an unhealthy amount of fat that surpasses the body’s natural threshold. When someone gains a large amount of weight, this can affect their frame in many ways, the first being their joints. Excess weight can put an added stress on joints, making them weaker, and more fragile. If the frame of overloaded for long periods of time, this can lead to mobility issues or injury.

What Are The Risks?

Chairs are not all made equally. In fact, chairs must be specially made to accommodate those who are obese, as they cannot safely fit in a normal chair. A buildup of fat in the lower back and buttocks of most obese patients known as the gluteal shelf causes two main issues when the person is seated in a normal chair — the first being it does not allow for proper support, and the second being that it pushes the individual forward.

What Is The Solution?

At HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek, we manufacture bariatric chairs for obese elderly individuals so that they may safely and comfortably be seated in their home. Our bariatric mobility chair collection features firm, yet forgiving, support, as well as a variety of mobility attachments that allow for patients of different mobility. Browse our extensive inventory of mobility equipment and mobility assist chairs today to see how a bariatric chair might be able to improve your life or the life of your loved one.

Do you have questions about our bariatric mobility assistance chairs? Simply contact us today to ask!