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Helping Your Elderly Parent With Their Mobility Issue

In some of our more recent posts, we have discussed some of the intricacies of living with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and arthritis, all diseases that have a negative impact on mobility. Today, however, we will not be discussing a disease, but rather something that we all have to look forward to, old age.

The “golden years” are supposed to be a time in one's life that is perfect, smooth sailing — if you will. While the ideal golden years are a treat, it does not usually end up being so nice, as medical complications and old age may end up restricting the elderly, spoiling their party.

If you have a parent that is quite elderly, you probably understand where we are coming from, as you know first hand how debilitating old age can be. Being a caregiver to an elderly parent is a full-time job, on top of any full-time jobs that you already have, that's why we make mobility equipment for the elderly here at HomeCARE furniture by Comfortek.

In today's blog post, we are going to deviate away from our normal topics by discussing some tips and actions that you can take in order to make your parents home more accessible in their old age.

How You Can Support Your Parent

Whether it is a disability, old age, or a temporary recovery, you parent will most likely be looking to you for help. Now, this can be in the form of being a caregiver or finding a caregiver for them while providing administrative and emotional support, but regardless, you are there for them.

Emotionally supporting your parent is an important part of helping them through their disability or recovery. People with mobility issues that cause them to require a caregiver often become discouraged or depressed due to their sudden loss of independence and mobility.

If you are a caregiver to your parent, you most likely will have to help them with the more complex activities such as getting dressed and moving around the house. Luckily, there are forms of mobility equipment for the elderly that you could use to increase the ease of movement through the house. An example of a mobility aid for the elderly would be one of our dining room chairs for the elderly, the Titan REZ 22”. The Titan REZ 22” is a good way to eliminate the issue of mobility restrictions in the kitchen and dining room because its casters for hardwood floors make it easier to scoot the chair when a caregiver utilizes the mobility assist lever. Mobility chairs are an excellent tool for both caregivers and patients, reducing the amount of effort needed to move as well as reducing the risk of injury to both the caregiver and the patient.

Modifying Your Parent’s Home

Something that you should consider when caring for an elderly parent with a disability is making their house more accessible for mobility aids, as well as the potential chance that they end up restricted to a walker or a wheelchair. At HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek, we have compiled a list of things that we think are in your best interest to modify in your our your parents home.

  • Install ramps in place of steps so that your elderly parent may be able to more easily move around.
  • Widen always so that there is room for the caregiver, as well as mobility aids.
  • Remodel the bathroom, adding a walk-in shower as well as railings and handrails for support.
  • Install a raised toilet or toilet modification so that they may easier access the restroom.
  • Lower sinks and counters so that they may be accessible in the event that your elderly parent becomes confined to a wheelchair.
  • Widen doors or remove the door jam so that there is less of a tripping hazard.
  • Remove clutter from the floor, particularly that in commonly trafficked areas.
  • Fasten rugs to the ground in order to reduce tripping hazards.
  • Install night-lights in hallways that are trafficked at night.
  • Adding railing in all applicable places.

By completing these few modifications, you can drastically improve your elderly parent's mobility by clearing room for the use of mobility aids like walkers and mobility chairs, as well as reduce the likelihood of them falling by removing tripping hazards. Making these changes may make the home safer for both your parent and the caregiver.

Improving Your elderly Parents Mobility

Losing one’s mobility can be an extremely frustrating thing, but there are a few things that you can do to potentially help your parent regain mobility.

Contact your elderly parent's healthcare provider or physician to see if there are any actions that can be taken to increase your parent's mobility. Often, there are exercises that can be done that may potentially increase mobility, although nothing is certain. If there are exercises that can be done, it's important to create a schedule where either you, a sibling, family friend, or a caregiver are able to help your elderly parent exercise.

If you are the primary caregiver to your parent, and you have the time to care for them, it might be worthwhile to call a healthcare professional and have them come show you the best methods of caregiving, such as how to get your parent out of bed, or in a chair, safely.  

Make sure your parent does not carry heavy loads that could throw off their center of gravity, as a fall would put them at serious risk of further-injuring themselves. Instead, have a healthcare professional teach your parent how to fall effectively in a way that would put them at the lowest risk of injury.  

While your parent might not regain much mobility after completing exercise and stretching programs given to you by their healthcare professionals, it is important to try, as the optimism will improve your parent's mood and outlook on the situation.

How HomeCARE Furniture by Comfortek Can Help

We hope with the utmost sincerity that the brief information that we have provided to you in this blog helps you in the endeavor of providing care for your elderly parent or parent with a disability. However, if your parent does not improve their mobility, we have some mobility chair options that may be a suitable solution to your dining room and kitchen area mobility woes.

We offer a variety of mobility chairs that are perfect for the elderly. We have high backed chairs for the elderly that provide bariatric support for plus-sized users as well as being equipped with the best chair glides for hardwood floors so that movement is easy, and damage free. If your elderly parent struggles to move around the kitchen, even with the help of a caregiver, we urge you to check out our products.

If you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Read what our happy customers have to say

This chair has saved my back by making it easy to transfer my physically disabled husband to the dining room table for dinner.


A GREAT help for my husband and me. My husband is now safe sitting down and I can reposition him with ease.


The table continues to enable these residents to self-feed and has been a real boost to their independence and confidence. We look forward to having at least one of these tables in each of our 11 dining rooms.

Seniors Complex Care Facility

Purchased a ComforTek chair for my sister who has Parkinson’s. That chair is the ONE PIECE of furniture that kept her out of a nursing home.

Dan H.

This chair has been a life-saver. We actually have four of the Titan Swivel-Royal EZ chairs. My husband has progressive Parkinson’s and needs 24-hour assistance. The chair has been life-altering. I have recommended this chair to so many people who are afflicted in the same way he is.

Rose L.

My 32-year-old daughter is physically and mentally disabled, and she isn’t able to pull herself up to the kitchen table once she sits down. Before we got this chair it was getting to be quite a challenge physically for me to push her up close to the table once she sat down. I’m 61 and pushing over 120 pounds of dead weight isn’t easy

Sandy P.

I just wanted to write to tell you how great the Butterfly tables are! They are so versatile. Their maneuverability makes it easy to fit everyone in our dining rooms, and allow the residents to dine with dignity. No longer are shorter residents sitting with the table within inches of their
chin, and taller residents eating from their laps! When the state surveyors were in our building they LOVED these tables!.

Julie S.

Anyway, I sat down on my new ComforTek chair and it felt strong, supportive, soft comfy seat. The wheels rolled across my tile with no noise, I feel safe for once….I have severe Ostio Arthritus, a torn and frayed meniscus and A.C.L. I can’t say enough about this chair

Verra M.

…..this chair is just mind blowing! Dining room chair transfers is like 50% of what homecare OTs/PTs do

Simon Levin, OT
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