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Furniture to Improve Safety for Elderly and Caregivers

Furniture Needs Change with Age

Many of us go through our lives without giving much thought to the furniture we use every day. For the elderly and their caregivers, however, taking for granted the seating options in our homes can be a dangerous thing. 

Our needs in the home change as our loved ones begin to experience changes to their bodies. Many people find that, as they age, the transition from sitting to standing can become a challenge. They may find that their reflexes are slowing, blood pressure is changing, or their muscles are deteriorating.

As a result, more falls begin to happen, especially in transition from sitting positions.

Unsafe Furniture is One Cause of Increased Falls

In fact, falls in the home are the leading cause of injury and hospitalization of seniors. Up to 30% of elderly patients suffer from a fall per year. Falls in the aging population don’t happen just because a person is getting older. Falls at home happen because of risk factors in both health and external circumstances, including limited mobility, unsafe furnishings, and difficulty in transferring from one place to another. 

At some point, every home caregiver will face the issue of safety and mobility, for themselves as well as their charges. Many caregivers are injured by transporting elderly patients, making mobility a danger for both the patient and their loved ones.

Furniture to Help Improve Safety at Home

There are many ways to safeguard the home against falls and injury. Home accessible furniture is one way to provide added safety to elders living in their homes with the assistance of a spouse or other family member. 

For persons suffering from Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia or Parkinson's, home-accessible furniture helps to make transitions to the table for mealtime smooth, safe and efficient.

Next Chapter chairs help aging family members to feel more independent and confident. With lengthened legs and sturdy craftsmanship, our products work to make the home and dinner table a safer place for seniors with mobility issues.

Specialized furniture options ensure that our loved ones are able to be moved safely from one seating area to the table. 

By improving mobility and comfort, you’re also improving quality of life for your aging loved one.


Read what our happy customers have to say

This chair has saved my back by making it easy to transfer my physically disabled husband to the dining room table for dinner.


A GREAT help for my husband and me. My husband is now safe sitting down and I can reposition him with ease.


The table continues to enable these residents to self-feed and has been a real boost to their independence and confidence. We look forward to having at least one of these tables in each of our 11 dining rooms.

Seniors Complex Care Facility

Purchased a ComforTek chair for my sister who has Parkinson’s. That chair is the ONE PIECE of furniture that kept her out of a nursing home.

Dan H.

This chair has been a life-saver. We actually have four of the Titan Swivel-Royal EZ chairs. My husband has progressive Parkinson’s and needs 24-hour assistance. The chair has been life-altering. I have recommended this chair to so many people who are afflicted in the same way he is.

Rose L.

My 32-year-old daughter is physically and mentally disabled, and she isn’t able to pull herself up to the kitchen table once she sits down. Before we got this chair it was getting to be quite a challenge physically for me to push her up close to the table once she sat down. I’m 61 and pushing over 120 pounds of dead weight isn’t easy

Sandy P.

I just wanted to write to tell you how great the Butterfly tables are! They are so versatile. Their maneuverability makes it easy to fit everyone in our dining rooms, and allow the residents to dine with dignity. No longer are shorter residents sitting with the table within inches of their
chin, and taller residents eating from their laps! When the state surveyors were in our building they LOVED these tables!.

Julie S.

Anyway, I sat down on my new ComforTek chair and it felt strong, supportive, soft comfy seat. The wheels rolled across my tile with no noise, I feel safe for once….I have severe Ostio Arthritus, a torn and frayed meniscus and A.C.L. I can’t say enough about this chair

Verra M.

…..this chair is just mind blowing! Dining room chair transfers is like 50% of what homecare OTs/PTs do

Simon Levin, OT
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