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Butterfly 2 Seat Adjustable Table



Butterfly 2 Seat Adjustable Table

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Designed to Adjust Tabletop Height & Depth!

Now two people can enjoy a meal together again! The adjustable tabletop is great for those using a wheelchair as it allows them to comfortably enjoy meals with others, regardless of their chair height. Ideal for any home, especially those with limited space.

Full Product Description

Wheelchair Height-Adjustable Table (2 person) Single Pedestal

The BFL-2(1/1) wheelchair-accessible table goes a long way toward eliminating the isolation often experienced by wheelchair-bound people, as they often can't fit their wheelchair under the tabletop. The height & depth of each top can now be adjusted for each seated person, leaving everyone feeling comfortable and included. 

  • 2 adjustable tops 
  • Top ranges in height from 26" - 36" 
  • Stabilizing glides (4) 
  • Spring loaded lift assist pistons 
  • Transport casters (2) 
  • Large knobs for ease of adjustment 
  • Metal frame; laminate tops 

Warranty: 10 years on the frame and 5 years on components

Dimensions: 48” x 26” (Extended - 60” x 26”)

Height Adjustment: 26” - 36”

Depth Adjustment: Up to 6”

Weight: 45 lbs


Read what our happy customers have to say

This chair has saved my back by making it easy to transfer my physically disabled husband to the dining room table for dinner.


A GREAT help for my husband and me. My husband is now safe sitting down and I can reposition him with ease.


The table continues to enable these residents to self-feed and has been a real boost to their independence and confidence. We look forward to having at least one of these tables in each of our 11 dining rooms.

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