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What is An Alzheimer's Friendly Kitchen?

Dementia friendly furniture

Why creating an Alzheimer's Friendly Kitchen is important for you and your loved one:

It is no secret that there are a number of concerns that must be addressed when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but one concern is often overlooked — the kitchen. The kitchen can be an extremely dangerous place for someone that is suffering from Alzheimer's, and we aren't saying that just because of the knives or other sharp objects that riddle the drawers. Kitchens can be a source of fall hazards, bump hazards, and other health concerns — meaning that the kitchen should be addressed early, before dementia progresses .

Here at HomeCARE Furniture by ComforTek, we strive to make mealtime enjoyable for caregivers and their loved ones that are suffering from Alzheimer's, because we know just how important that quality time is. Our homecare furnishings and mobility assist chairs are specially made to make sitting, and being positioned at the table both easier and safer for both the caregiver and their loved one.

In today’s blog, we will briefly discuss some considerations that should be made when making your home kitchen Alzheimer's friendly.

The Dining Area

The first thing that should be made safe for your loved one is the dining area. The dining area should be the first optimized part of your kitchen because as a caregiver, you will primarily be operating the entire kitchen while your loved one rests at the dining room table. Additionally, when someone is suffering from dementia, it takes much longer to eat and drink than usual, meaning the space should be welcoming and comfortable for your loved one.

The Table - While it may seem silly that the table should be optimized to be compatible with your loved one’s needs, it is actually extremely important. First and foremost, if you have a square or rectangular table, it is important that you heavily pad the corners, or replace it with a round table. If your loved one begins to trip and fall, a table corner could potentially cause a greater injury than if the table were to be padded or round.

Additionally, the height of the table matters. If a table is too low, your loved one will have difficulty sitting down and standing up — something that will only get worse as time progresses. On the other hand, if the table is too high, your loved one could slide out of their seat trying to lean forward.

The Chair - While we may seem impartial, as a manufacturer of mobility assists chairs, it is extremely important that your loved one is supported by a high-quality chair. Whether that be a bariatric chair with wheels or a swivel dining room chair with casters, the chair must provide them with proper support. Additionally, it is important to consider the ability that you have, as the caregiver to push the chair forward.

At HomeCare Furniture by ComforTek we have made considerations of all of the features that you would look for your loved one, as well as think about what you haven’t — you. Caregivers are just as likely to get hurt as their loved ones are because when you are a caregiver, you are straining yourself twice as much as usual. Because of this, we have designed all of our mobility assist chairs to in some way provide a function to you as well. Some of our chairs feature mobility assist levers that lift the chair off the ground so that it can roll in towards the table, others have locking swivels so that you can easily move your loved one laterally. If you have a loved one that is suffering from Alzheimer's, we urge you to check out our inventory today.

The Kitchen

Because the kitchen is an area that you loved one will likely not use enough, making it Alzheimer's friendly is a lot easier. Instead, it is important to get rid of dangerous items such as knives and bladed appliances. If you are living with your loved one while you provide care, be sure to put the necessary items in a place that is out of the way, but accessible to you.

HomeCARE Furniture By ComforTek Is Here To Help

As a homecare furnishings company, we understand the inherent need for furniture that makes the lives of caregivers and their loved ones easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Because family is a strong value to us, we understand the importance of mealtime, and our mobility assist products can help make mealtime enjoyable again. Our dining swivel chairs, bariatric chairs with wheels and our mobility assist lever chairs are all designed to keep both you and your loved one safe, and enjoying the little things as you should.

If you have any questions about our mobility assist chairs please don't hesitate to contact us.