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We are very happy that you took the time to check out our HomeCARE Furniture by Comfortek blog.

HomeCARE is a division of ComforTek Seating Inc. dedicated to helping people that have limited mobility, or neurological disorders including: Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, or Parkinson's. Often times the caregiver struggles to take care of their loved ones, with even tasks like scooting them towards the table or getting them out of a chair becoming seemingly impossible, but with our mobility chairs, caregivers can give their loved ones the help that they need. Before our accessible designed mobility chair, caregivers may not have been able to help their loved ones due to physical limitations, forcing the caregiver to look elsewhere for help. With our mobility chairs, caregivers no longer have to look elsewhere for help, and that's why we believe that Next Chapter furniture “keeps families together”.

Next Chapter Furniture People Remain Home

90 percent of adults over the age of 65 claim that they would prefer to age in place, staying home rather than moving to an assisted living facility. Who can blame them? When one is allowed to age at home, not only do they get to live in a comfortable and familiar environment, but they also get to retain some feeling of independence.

The Benefits Of Our Mobility Assistance Chairs

Benefits To The Caregiver

Our mobility assistance chairs were built with both the caregiver and their loved ones in mind. Our chairs are designed to help the caregiver reduce their fatigue and muscle strain, while also lowering their chance of injury. With this ease of mobility, your loved one will be more compliant because they likely will no longer feel like a burden, and those enjoyable moments you were looking for will be back within reach.

Benefits To The Loved One

While the caretaker benefits greatly from our product, it is your loved one that will benefit the most. They will regain a sense of dignity and independence that they simply couldn't have before, while also still feeling structure and stability. With this newfound independence, your loved one will lose their anxiety while comfortably forming new routines.

Our Products Demonstrate Our Mission

We make each one of products with the vision that it will help someone with tasks that they simply just couldn't accomplish before. After all, we think accessibility for people with disabilities is a necessary requirement for them to enjoy the golden years of life. Our products utilize technologies like hand controlled seat levers, locking swivel motion (with 3 locking positions) and non-marring floor glides paired with wide metal frames and stylish durable fabric.

Why HomeCARE Furniture by Comfortek?

We care.

We are dedicated to creating mobility equipment for the elderly and the disabled. We understand the struggle that both caregivers and the cared for go through every day just to complete the simple tasks that most of us take for granted, like sitting in a chair or getting across a room without pain.  Because of this need for a mobility solution, we created a chair that focused on accessibility for disabled people without giving up the compromises of comfort and style.

If you have any questions about Next Chapter furniture please don't hesitate to contact us.