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Product Spotlight: The Mobility Assist Kit

A lot of people think that our mobility assistance chairs are great, but simply do not need another chair in their already crowded dining area. At HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek, we believe that you shouldn’t have to forgo the efficient mobility of our products simply because you cannot afford the extra space in your home. Instead, simply make any chair a mobility chair with the Titan REZ - DIY mobility assist kit.

Yeah, our large chairs are quite comfortable and supporting, but if you already have a favorite chair, you don’t have to get rid of it — simply upgrade it!

Bruce M. - “Marvelous piece of equipment” - 5 Star review

“Recently I purchase a Mobility Assist kit. The kit is now installed on one of our dining room chairs that are usually used by my wife. It is a marvelous piece of equipment!

My wife who needs the use of it is happy as can be. She feels so much more a part of sitting at the table now than being the attention center trying to get her seated as before. Even our granddaughter can help her sit down now. We are all super delighted with this device.”

Thank you for your raving review, Bruce. We are extremely happy to hear that the mobility assist kit has allowed you to retrofit a chair for your wife! Additionally, we are happy to hear how user-friendly that our product is, it is great to know that it is easy enough for your granddaughter to operate while being safe enough for your wife to relax! Let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you in the future.

How Easy Is Installation?

If you are interested in our product but are unsure if you can install it on your favorite chair, we urge you not to fret. Simply grab a tape measure and measure the width of the back legs. If your chair is 18”-22” inches wide, our product can easily fit. But then you have to install it, right? Sounds complicated.

Lucky for you, our DIY mobility assist kit can be installed in 30 minutes or less by using simple hand tools — making any chair a mobility assist chair.

Give Your Loved One The Gift Of Mobility

If you have a loved one that suffers from a mobility issue that makes mealtime less enjoyable, we urge you to check out our inventory of mobility assist chairs today. Our mobility equipment is manufactured and designed to enable people with mobility issues of any kind during mealtime.

At HomeCARE furniture by ComforTek, we believe that mealtime is important for families. Mobility issues can severely restrict family members to the point of frustration or embarrassment, making mealtime less enjoyable for everyone. If one of your loved ones is suffering from a mobility issue, give them the gift of movement — making mealtime enjoyable again.

If you have any questions about our mobility chairs or our mobility assist kit, we urge you to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Read what our happy customers have to say

This chair has saved my back by making it easy to transfer my physically disabled husband to the dining room table for dinner.


A GREAT help for my husband and me. My husband is now safe sitting down and I can reposition him with ease.


The table continues to enable these residents to self-feed and has been a real boost to their independence and confidence. We look forward to having at least one of these tables in each of our 11 dining rooms.

Seniors Complex Care Facility

Purchased a ComforTek chair for my sister who has Parkinson’s. That chair is the ONE PIECE of furniture that kept her out of a nursing home.

Dan H.

This chair has been a life-saver. We actually have four of the Titan Swivel-Royal EZ chairs. My husband has progressive Parkinson’s and needs 24-hour assistance. The chair has been life-altering. I have recommended this chair to so many people who are afflicted in the same way he is.

Rose L.

My 32-year-old daughter is physically and mentally disabled, and she isn’t able to pull herself up to the kitchen table once she sits down. Before we got this chair it was getting to be quite a challenge physically for me to push her up close to the table once she sat down. I’m 61 and pushing over 120 pounds of dead weight isn’t easy

Sandy P.

I just wanted to write to tell you how great the Butterfly tables are! They are so versatile. Their maneuverability makes it easy to fit everyone in our dining rooms, and allow the residents to dine with dignity. No longer are shorter residents sitting with the table within inches of their
chin, and taller residents eating from their laps! When the state surveyors were in our building they LOVED these tables!.

Julie S.

Anyway, I sat down on my new ComforTek chair and it felt strong, supportive, soft comfy seat. The wheels rolled across my tile with no noise, I feel safe for once….I have severe Ostio Arthritus, a torn and frayed meniscus and A.C.L. I can’t say enough about this chair

Verra M.

…..this chair is just mind blowing! Dining room chair transfers is like 50% of what homecare OTs/PTs do

Simon Levin, OT
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