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941 Armed CC2 (Video #4B)

Turns...Rolls (Side Brake Lever)
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941 Armed CC2 (Video #4B)

Turns...Rolls (Side Brake Lever)
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A Kitchen/Dining Chair with Mobility Assist Caddie

The gentle movement of the Titan with Caddie 2 is ideal for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, or Arthritis. It allows the individual sitting in the chair to remain independent and move themselves to and from a table, with the safety and confidence they deserve. Once the chair is in the desired position, the hand level located on the side of the chair can be placed in the locked position, activating the breaks on the wheels.

  • Ideal for in-home care and institutional facilities, as it promotes independence and enhances the quality of life.
  • Prevents damage to furniture/flooring as chairs are rolled forward (not pulled and pushed). 


  • Hand-controlled brake system for wheels
  • Metal frame with 24" / 30" wide seats (between the arms)
  • Antimicrobial vinyl seat/back for easy cleaning
  • Non-marring wheels
  • Rated for 600 lbs 
  • Made in the USA 

    Warranty: 25 years on frame, 15 years on foam, 5 years on vinyl & lever
    Dimensions: 24": 28" W x 24" D x 34.5" H   30": 34" W x 24" D x 34.5" H
    Seat Width: 24": 24"; 30": 30"
    Seat Depth: 17.5"
    Seat Height: 18"
    Arm Height: 25.5"
    Weight: 24": 51 lbs   30": 62 lbs

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